Saturday, March 26, 2016


I am stunned that today this stupid blog came on without any problems. That means I have no reason for another outburst.

Today is Good Friday and there was no school. We could have slept late but instead got up at around 7:20 and drove to the place to have those bumper guards installed on the new car. Being a holiday there was nobody before us and this way we were the first costumer. The work took about an hour and a half and now the car looks totally protected.

My wife didn't let me park the car on the street because she was afraid somebody might hit it. But now with those tank bumpers it is OK to park them outside during the day. Anyway, the stuff look good.

Then just so things wouldn't go totally easy this afternoon the saleslady called and asked if we could bring the car in tomorrow (Saturday) morning because there was some kind of recall that needed to be fixed by the dealer's service.

This means that there will be no late sleeping tomorrow, either.

Going back to the bumper. This place where we went is doing a pretty good business. They are able to do any car model and as far as I know they have everything in stock. The stuff cost about $500 per car and there is always a line of cars waiting. They also have a large working area and that means they are able to do two or three cars at a time. I think they are making a bundle.

Never a dull moment.

Friday, March 25, 2016


This blog is seriously getting on my nerves. There are very few things aggravate me in this life but the organization that does this blog is on the top. I do very little complicated exercises on the computer and nothing irritate me more than when one thing works one day then with no explanation it will not work on the next.

The same thing happened to this blog. With no explanation it just disappeared and I was ready to give up my writing career. But then I prevailed because I thought the multitude of my readers would feel abandoned. And I do not want to let anybody down.

Anyway, today it is back and tomorrow is another story.

Tomorrow morning we will take the car to a shop where they will install front and rear "bull guards". That is the name of those metallic bumper guards. We had them on the 2014 model and kind of got to like it. And now my wife wants it and I'll do anything to make her happy. We found a place not far from us and not too expensive so tomorrow we are getting up early and taking the baby there.

Tomorrow being Good Friday there will be no school so Abigail will be able to sleep as long as she wants.

By the way, it was proven again that some foods taste better the second day. Tonite we had the leftovers from yesterday's lunch and man, they all tasted just fantastic. There is also a belief that on the second day they are not as fattening!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Today is Wednesday and aside from the fact that yesterday Donald Trump won the Arizona GOP primary and leading in the delegate count we also had a very good day.

Today we had the first official invitees to our new home. My bestest friend and his wife visited us and we just had a great time. Since him and I are like brothers it is a very easy and honest relationship we are having. My wife and I were happy to have them. As I mentioned it yesterday we had a Hungarian food festival.


Chicken ragout soup
Spicy sausages and blood sousages
Pork chop with roasted tomatoes and mashed potatoes
Cabbage with smoked meat (lucskos kaposzta)


Poppy and walnut filled roulades (beigli)
Fruit cakes
Cottage cheese filled Hungarian crepes (palacsinta)
Apple pie


This was such a success that we might take orders.

Tomorrow we will start our diets!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I am kind of anxious to install the new computer but we just never got to it. It is still sitting in its box and from there smiling at us. I guess we'll get to it later today.

I hope it is simple to get it started. I don't like complications. Take the darn thing out of the box, plug it in and it should work. Anything more I can't deal with.

But we will overcome any obstacles I'm sure of.

We are a little delayed in doing this because my wife is in deep preparations for receiving our first visitor to our home. My bestest friend and his wife are visiting us on Wednesday. The apartment is being cleaned, and she has started to prepare the food. I won't say what we will eat but I'm convinced everybody will like it. We all like Hungarian food and this is promising to be a Hungarian food festival.

Something else.

It is interesting how the sleazy car salesmen behave when they see a costumer or should I say patsy.

The manager in the place where we bought our car went to all lengths to explain why this two year younger model is different and better than the one we had. Different headlights, better tires and over all just better.

Sunday when we went back to hand over our car I told him that he was full of baloney. I drove the car for two full days and there was not one thing that was different the positive way. There were changes from the 2014 model but they were minor and certainly not betterment.

This just proves that they would sell their grandmother as a young maiden if there were any profit in it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Today is Monday and early morning we did have snow. Not much but it was the real white stuff. In a few hours it was only a memory.

Today we didn't do much. Returned the license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicle and upon getting home I cancelled the insurance on it. It seems I will be getting a refund. So will I from the Motor Vehicle because over here everything is prepaid. They have no trust in people at all. Companies much rather give a refund than trying to collect overdue bills.

After all this heavy duty stuff my wife and I had a few quiet hours to ourselves.

Abigail is fighting a nasty cold and I am trying hard to stay out of her way because that is the last thing I want to catch. So far this winter I was lucky and survived it without any problems but since she is so sick there is a good chance that I'll catch some of it.

Today we were working on this computer when we agreed that this one is getting slower and slower and it is time to look around. I have a very poor record with just looking around. I don't look around, I buy the stuff.

On that thought we went out and looked around for a new computer. Looking ended up buying. We wondered into an Apple store and wound up buying a 27" iMac computer. Me Mister negative told my wife that I hate Apple. They are only good for eating but she didn't want to hear my objections and said I will learn to like it. By the time we left the store I changed my attitude. Now I bitched about how heavy the darn thing was.

Never a dull moment in this house.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Today was the big day for cars in our household. Until today we were a two car family but from today on we are a one car family. I'm not saying that I miss the second car but it gave me a secure feeling that there always was an alternate vehicle around. Well, that is no more.

Today we brought back the 2014 Santa Fe to the dealer and left in the new car. When we went in for "just for a few minor details" we thought it would not last long. Those minor details lasted over two hours. But hopefully everything was ironed out and there were no problems remaining.

This afternoon we drove the new car and it worked very nicely. There is really no change between the 2014 and 2016 model except that we now have a tailgate that rises and closes automatically. That's about it.

I'm writing this at ten o'clock at night and there is no trace of any snow they were forecasting all day long. An other false rumor again. The GOP opposition will probably say that Trump did it.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


This world is now, culturally speaking without borders. I became such an international person that I even amaze myself.

Yesterday we went to see a Spanish or more accurately Andalusian flamenco festival in Manhattan. After the show we went to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner. I have to mention that on Wednesday we bought a Korean (South not North) car.

Today we went to a Polish delicatessen but before that we visited a Romanian butcher store where they sell great cold cuts and most of them are Hungarian style. After the butcher store we went to a German supermarket and all that was before the sun went down.

To keep up the international spirit my wife and I went to dinner to a Peruvian restaurant. I never ate Peruvian and if this was that I am very satisfied. Yesterday's Brazil was so-so but that might have been our fault.

For two Hungarians this was like trip around the gastronomical world.