Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Royal Wedding of the Week

The wedding of Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky is a farce on a Hollywood scale. The hullabaloo about it the media's hysteria is reaching a crescendo.

What is so important about this wedding that it should occupy all the newscasts? I personally find it distasteful, arrogant and immoral.

Granted, this is a free country. People can spend their money on whatever they want. But there is spending and there is good taste. The Clinton wedding is anything but good taste.

In today's economy, when there is record unemployment, foreclosures and business closings for someone, a former President to spend five million dollars on his daughter's wedding is just not right. It is spitting into the eyes of the world saying your problems are not my problems: I am exempt.

This President went to Haiti to see the devastation caused by the earthquake, went to Asia to see the devastation caused by the tsunami and then implored people and businesses to contribute to the rebuilding, now squanders away five million dollars on a simple wedding.

That five million could have helped a lot of people Mister Clinton!

I don't think Mike Bloomberg would have done the same lavish happening. Not that he could not afford it, just that he has more class which it seems the Clintons lack.

And all for what?

Chelsea is marrying the son of an ex con. A man who tricked people out of their savings for his own enrichment. People like the Clintons should keep arms length from families like this one.
Their children were raised on moneys stolen from others. O.K he went to jail and served his time. Now he knows better how not to get caught again.

The family is kosher. It means that they are fairly religious, not quite orthodox. What do they believe in? That what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine to keep?

Give me a break. We real Jews have no use for these phony religious people. They pray to God to help them chisel money out of innocent people.

And this is the family Chelsea Clinton moves into.

I wish them all the luck but as precedents go this will not be 'until death do us part'.